back agin fo 2nd post. ngee~

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ahaha srsly i don’t noes wutta put der, i meant the title.

i’ve updated bloggie’s About. i hope it’s good. 😀

today, thank goodness, itsa beautiful day. not really, it’s just that when you happen to wake up earlier before your alarm goes off, you maybe has this thought like “things are going to be gooood today” while putting a BIG smiley on ya face. like so 😀

lolz. as always, stretched out before i brushed me teeth. itsa good routine, morning stretches. not just it’ll help you to ‘lengthen’ you bones, which exactly the reason i did so :D, it also helps you to loosen up your muscles, specially after a long night sleep. here’s an article that i find useful if yoo wanna noes moar bout dis morning stretches in detail: Joy’s Morning Stretch

akshully i didnt do exactly like the article sez, i just do some part of it… what i’m saying is, iz gud to make a good impression out of your life. like setting a goal each day, best to start in every morning because iz the earliest time of the day before you’re off to work on whatever business of yours. and at the end of the day, we should all do reflection of what we’ve done, recounting what’s missing or not right and think ways to solve them for next day. i did this daily reflect thing before i go to bed. it sorta like a habit for me n i think it’s good thing to do. it help us remember who we are, what we do, and the like. except that when i’ve storybook to read, i definitely putting all my concentration toward reading the book. 😀

oh gosh, it’s 10pm n i hadnt wash meself?! hah hah… before i leave, i want ta share wif ya one of the song in my playlist that i played this morning. enjoy! 😀. dang it! wordpress doeznt allow bloggieyrs to upload audio type files. huu~


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