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April 17, 2008 at 11:44 pm | Posted in Life | 1 Comment
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so many lab reports to be submitted today. actually it was just 2; Analogue Electronics 1, Digital System Design (DSD). this morning i was restless, of course if you happened to have unfinished reports to be post in lecturers pigeon hole by morning, you’ll feel the same. both at once. they were hard but i can do them, by referring seniors’ work & my friends’. i tried to avoid procrastination. [laughs] really, i try to make mine original, i don’t like copying people’s work. it’s not good, i tell ya. thank God i manage them.

good thing that there no DSD classes today, since Mr.Lo’s away, me and Iena decided to do our project, Microprocessors project. the project’s about programing an alarm system & real time clock. we finished our hardware designing, the next thing is to write the program. is it hard, you ask? hm… my expression: natural. well, the hardware part is not a big problem, somehow we managed. it’s the first project that i have since i’m in UTP, i meant as a student enrolling this EEEng program, and i’m in 2nd year, btw. there’l be more projects coming next semesters come. next year i’ll be going on internship, the details are yet to be known…

so now, i’m writing this post meaning that all is well. i can cross out some things in my to-do list. heh heh. i’m doing it right now. (^o^)~ i can relax a bit. plus tomorrow there’ll be no classes, due public holiday, Sultan Perak’s birthday. thanks to him highness’s we can all enjoy because he made himself special occasion, free holiday!

quick update:
finished reading
– The Horse and His Boy, C. S. Lewis
current music addiction
– Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles: Future Soundscape, Yuki Kajiura


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  1. thanks for the comment:D u do change tones of times about ur blog, LOL. Hope u surely stick wit this one though. Gud luck wit ur blog!

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