Hello and Welcome to cHiKiNJazZ!

wut’s dis bloggie fo?

this cHiKiNJazZ is about ME, * miya *! that’s mean i’ll write anything, just anything 😀 . basically, it’ll be about my life, my point-of-views, about stuff that’re really interest me, and other things that i feel like sharing with my readers.

hoo iz dis * miya *? srsly, hoo??

lolz. it’s just me 😀 . muh ril namez RAZAN, but juz call meh miya. 😀
you must be wondering, why i’m using dis ful-gramma-erruh-English very much? lolz. well, people, if you haven’t been introduced, iz calld lolspeak. google ’em urself. lolz.
let me introduce myself clearly now. I was born in May 23, 1988 and that makes me 19 years YOUNG. Well, going on 20, actually. am a Malaysian. Imma Kelantan-born, i lived in Kelantan but at the moment i’m continuing my studies as a student of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) in Perak, that is far, yes. imma girl, btw. 🙂
moar bout meh…

i’m so in love with books! and kittiehz! o(^.^o) i don’t really draw much now, but can’t get enough of photoshop. hee~ internet is my best friend. hee~ i’m the loudest among my family members, i’m fun with my friends. i don’t like sports because they make me tired, sweaty. cycling is an exception. hm… what’s more? oh yeah, i like orange. (^.^)
um… i’m a bit childish. as you can see (read), my style of writing is always like this. i’ll try to make this bloggie fun to read, but at teh same time i’ll try to be moar appropriate, for the sake of stuff that i write.

last message. please excuse my language, if i happened to offense you, in any way, i say sorry. i really appreciate if people find my blog interesting. i’ll be sure to post more of good stuff.



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  1. ^-^ yEAH I am the First ! Nice Blog, be sure to write about your school life a lot , because I really like to read about it.

  2. hellO!
    It’s Me!
    Ur Sister!
    NicE bLog!
    I have read some!
    well I have mY blOg 2!
    if U like tO see mY BlOg.. just cOmment or Message me! =)
    mIzz u a lOt!
    olweiz take care!
    lav Yah!

  3. @sumilykaida: thanks for the compliment, girl. 😀 ganbarimasu!

    @Larh Chineze: oh sis! you finally here! thanks for visiting. looking forward reading your blog too. :))

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