Cute Overload! :), really overloading cuteness!

April 18, 2008 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Reviews, Webbies | 7 Comments
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oh look what i found today!

I’m a bunneh, therefore I disapprove

hello. this is disapproving bunneh.

heh heh… here’s a funny looking bunny. just look at it face, duh… *disapproving look*

if you do not know what this Cute Overload! 🙂 is, well, you’re not too late to visit this ultra cool+cuteness fresh webby! so, what’s up with this website? well, people post their whatever pictures that associate with animals and cuteness! despite the use of very weird language, which i found them funny, haha. i’ve been doing a bit research, and i found that the language them all speak is called lolspeak. i tried it too and it sounded hilarious. real fun i tell ya. 😀

more cuteness from Cute Overload! :). be sure to visit. 🙂

eh? bunneh disapproves?! no! it cannot be! i disapprove your disapproval, bunneh!


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